1st Class Train Ride to Palm Beach… makes for a “bright” Weekend!

Taking the Brightline to a Palm Beach brunch … an awesome day trip for coworkers, special occasions or just to get out of Miami!

It just doesn’t get better then a First Class ticket on the Brightline. Walking into the downtown Miami station and getting escorted to a private lounge with a full brunch buffet, unlimited soft beverages, a mojito bar, a champagne bar, and relaxation pods to sit down and recharge, send a fax, or just log onto WiFi befit taking off. I say it’s time for the Hampton Jitney to get a tune up!

Once called for the train First Class will bypass coach and settle into the first train cars, with entertainment such as Spider-Man passing by, areas to sit at a table or just sit back in your extra large seat, plug in or zone out. Flowing champagne, mimosas and lots of snacks came around and before we knew it We made it to Palm Beach!

Next top was the delicious RH Rooftop at Restoration Hardware just a few short blocks from the Brightline Station.. we enjoyed a mean grilled cheese sandwich and loads of sparkling wine. Watching groups celebrating special occasions, couples and friends all waiting for their long awaited reservation in the middle room to be seated. Post brunch was the shopping down below, it looked like my grandparents house, a compliment since they were SO into collecting and restoring furniture.

Before we knew it, we were ready to walk off those calories and hours of drinking, and went for a stroll on Worth Avenue to shop in the cute boutiques, it’s the Fifth Avenue of Palm Beach and all of the flower gardens were in full bloom. The serene surroundings and crisp air made me want to just find somewhere to st and people watch! We then took a stroll on the beach and did more PB exploring . I’m super excited to say you can do a Brightline trip in a day, by for sure, make a weekend out of it. Only an hour and a half and I was back home in the downtown Brickell area… great day trip, be sure to book your RH Rooftop reservations early (sit in the middle room for best views of people and scenery) and books 1st Class Brightline ticket.

Ticket prices vary based on season, time of day and occupancy. But can run $27-50 for 1st Class each way : Miami to Palm Beach. It stops quickly in Ft Lauderdale. Also will be heading to Disney soon!

Enjoy the ride!



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