A New Year, and so it begins…

“I dived into January 2020 with the mindset of making time to ‘smell the roses’, and that I was doing for almost 3 months. Lets take a look in the rear view mirror, and talk about January 2021″…

As we continue to strive forward from the last 10 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the protesting, global rioting, and the aftermath of the presidential election, and with everything in-between the world has changed. Homeschooling has become a normal way of educating, and keeping a fine distance is a day to day task.

2020 started off the best year ever! Me, in the midst of capturing spa goals!

2020 started out as a wonderful year for me where I dived in knowing I was going to put focus on creating a balance and incorporate more rest and relaxation plans. I look at photos of myself in more of a work hard / play hard vibe, in a relaxed state enjoying the wellness activities I created for myself.I knew it was going to be a great year. I got to see my entire family as well in March, sadly for my Nonna’s funeral (she lived a long life and was a matriarch loved by all!) My goals were being accomplished, success was being made and I had intended on finally setting up some real travel plans.

It all spiraled downward when I got back to Miami and come March 13th when the the world totally shut down. I was fortunate, I was lucky, everyday I counted my blessings. I was an inactive employee still being compensated while my team had to be furlouged. I took the liberty of being the “home” for my friends who were in less fortunate situations, I did my best to ensure they knew a new chapter is their forecast and it is closer then they think, the world was being cleansed, I got to read more, truly disconnect, the aches and pains in my upper back and hands from typing so much were relieved naturally, I exercised and slept more, also took quite a few courses and certifications online as well as getting myself more knowledgeable about the stock market. I’m fortunate to say while terribly homesick, and missing my first Christmas with my family, I did enjoy my quarantine and used it to my advantage.

Come Memorial weekend it was time to reopen, clean up shop, Florida was among the first states to get the green light. It is an awful feeling to be controlled in an environment where you’ve gotta where a mask, all day, learn new protocols while ensuring a distance, and lead others who are equally scared being around people, after being quarantined for months. , and start reproving because it didn’t get as busy as we had hoped. With loads of tropical storms, lots of positions being downgraded and eliminated , hotel not opening and no light in sight for my other spas to reopen, things got really tough and the tides turned. My day to day changed, I felt trapped and felt the need to work harder to show I can pitch-in involuntarily on so many levels, just to seek ways for my job had some line of security. It was scary and there was no way I would accept that things will be “ok” just doing the bare minimum. I started to see the true colors and the desperation in my own circle of leadership and lost my trust in people I once felt safe around well sort of. Id say I started to see what I always wondered about certain people. I turned to others who were always a compassionate line of support. I thought for sure Id get demoted during my late summer into Fall duration but managed to keep it going. Somehow I kept pushing the pencil and got a 2nd spa open and by the end of 2020 i had 3 spa’s open. It’s insane to think I’m one of the last people in my role within my community who remained.

Perhaps I was lucky, or perhaps my stubborn, intense, (and other name-calling “coaching” sessions Ive been brainwashed to believe about myself) and most importantly the ability to not accept “no” as an answer based on past life experiences that helped me stay afloat and ahead, was another reason.

2021? No firework show but I did love the Frank Sinatra tunes “New York, New York” from the Penthouse terrace on NYE. I had a couple of zoom parties from the 31st floor of my home, built my new sofa. cleaned and baked cookies! I was never a big NYE fan, (I like dinner and firework watching from home), but i do know that this year was different. I along with everyone else I believe came in feeling hopeful, stronger, I know I did, but was exhausted right until this week.

It’s amazing how going into a New Year, I continue to count my blessings and be grateful, but it’s really REALLY hard. Im working harder, feeling fatigue, stressed, looking my worst, and putting work before myself. My OCD is tired too, ha ha, of being too much of a perfectionist and getting things done efficiently and fast. Im just not one of those people who cant let things fall apart. I care. Maybe I just got lucky, and perhaps why I’m still around? While the rest of the country continues to stay shut down and wait, or reopen without closing a 3rd and 4th time, Ive now been ensuring to look at myself in the mirror and make time to feng shui me first, as much as it’s difficult to put fake positive vibes out into my universe, Ive circled back to look at the things I ahve done for myself in the last two weeks and savor it. and to also stand my ground professionally. I can only do so much but its amazing what wonders a changed positive perspective can do, along with a mani/pedi!

January was always a time for my financially to renew projects at home, take care of expenses and handle any personal needs. My new year I always felt really always starts my birthday month of February. I think it was too much not too fast. Ive overdone myself again. My biggest intake on this is no matter how tired, or how much the phone rings, and emails come through, to step back and take breathes, accepting one day at a time that the world IS different, we are rebuilding and need to take one baby step at a time. I continue to encourage my peers, and I reflect back to the accomplishments made, the hardships Ive had to over come, and know that good vibes are out there. It’s all about goal setting, but keeping a good attitude, and everything else will follow. Excepting and anticipating the best of whats yet to come!

I forgive, but I will never forget how much I was taken advantage of during this time. I got to see some serious true colors from people who clearly I don’t need. I see myself as a better communicator with my staff now then ever, especially difficult conversations. Much of the spa industry is put last, while we the healers have been the strongest, and from what I see, the most needed performing community in hospitality 5 months into the pandemic. While I rebuild my personal and professional life, I am pacing myself, believing in myself, working at keeping a good attitude, and ensuring I make time to smell the roses, again.

Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2021. Hugs + Love,



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