A peaceful lunch on Shelter Island

What a gorgeous, non-crowded Saturday afternoon for a friends birthday lunch on Shelter Island. Just a quick ferry ride off the boarder of Sag Harbor, we drove through the solid beautiful architecture of homes and striking village landmarks through landscaped greens and over to Sunset Beach Hotel & Resteraunt. Overlooking the quiet ocean, we all suddenly felt so relaxed. It was a perfect day. With a bowl of extra large wine dipped shellfish and delicious rose-sangria beverages, followed by a relaxation session both on the beach and by the fire pit. I was in heaven. For $125.00 you can get a 60 min massage overlooking the calm ocean. What a great way to start off a new summer month! Can’t wait to visit this charming hotspot on an off-weekend again.

Soothing regards from the Hamptons


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