Vegan Nail Lacquer ..

>Here is the scoop on “vegan” nailpolish. It’s a mental process to know that the no-chip, toxic chemicals are being lacquered on to stay for a week or so, are healthy! hahh! it’s a load of crap! The world has gone organic and cosmetic lines are catching on. Just like non-acetone polish remover, it’s still a chemical so don’t fall for everything you read. If it smells toxic, then I would say it is probably not vegan. What does vegan mean anyway? It’s just “less chemicals” for the most part. The sooner your nails chip, the less chemicals there are in that bottle. But at the end of the day, we need our toes looking nice! tips? use one coat of polish, vegan or not, you will be fine! Otherwise, there’s nothing like a buff mani/pedi. …feels so good! Suggestion, one coat of wHet Nail Lacquer and you are set! check it:


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