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Thursday from what I know is best known to be FUN day in the Hamptons at any spa or salon. Many times there are discount specials, or events that go on, usually it’s not TOO crazy busy of a day and sometimes there are gift giveaways and samplings to go around.. But for the most part, it’s the intuitive excitement that the weekend is almost here so most guests are in a great mood as well. The energy is thriving! at least it’s a great vision of how it should be, no? Usually the big cheeses take the day off or are out getting errands done while the mice come out to play!

Today, a summer refresher course on treatments and customer service will be in effect at the fabulous Sag Harbor oasis, Salon Xavier. This french Spa + Coiffure has the most interesting visitors, especially since so many of them walk right off their yacht for a mani/pedi. I have even had the pleasure of listening to an estate manager for a huge designer like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren, talking about what he has to get done for the weekend and how much fun he is having at his job. Sounds like a cool job and I felt honored to be able to sit so close to him and hear the “tell all” while we both got our hair done! But how can a place like this be so fabulous and attract so many elite guests? Not just the location and the decor, that would be judging the book by it’s cover which is indeed part of everything in the beauty business, but the pro’s working on your hair, nails, massage, facials and customer service are truly tendfold, Five Star. and we all know that in the Hamptons, you’re either Five Star or no star… there is no in between. Staff refreshers or product knowledge trainings, whatever you would like to call it, it’s the absolute way to go to stay afloat in the service business! But today is fun day so go stop into your favorite salon or spa and have some fun!

Pic taken by the NY Post


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