Spa Cuisine + Drinks

It’s TEA TIME in the Hamptons!

KRONEN TEE The Green Coffee Infusion (pictured on left) is an excellent source when served hot or chilled at any special occasion. It gives guests that extra “perk” without the buzz or that an espresso coffee would give. The delicious product contains a blend of ground 100% Arabica green coffee and green …

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Basil + Lemon + H2O = a refreshing Spa Water recipe by Pam Wenzel! This spa water was the perfect “hot day” remedy served in two seperate areas at the Pet Awards ceremony last week. Who would ever think that by adding up basil with lemon water would taste so …

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it’s watermelon smoothie time!

I will just go ahead and judge the book by it’s cover and say that this beautiful ensemble tastes as amazing as it looks! OMG! This is perfect for an after-hours shopping party in Lily Pulitzer’s East Hampton corner boutique, or better yet, add up a little bit of vodka and maybe she will invite us …

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