Cousin Eddy’s Egg Nog was a hit!

Add-up some Tito’s Vodka to your egg nog this year…

It wasnt hard to figure out the recipe, a few drops of vodka and a cinnamon stick can go really far when searching for that perfect Christmas cocktail.

I believe this was a knock-off from Christmas Vacation, the egg nog scene with Cousin Eddy and Chevy Chase, drinking out of a moose glass, (the infamous Marty Moose in Wally World)!

Tredici Social in Bville topped off my expectations for a quick Christmas drink after being cooped up inside for almost week. I finally got to feel a bit of Christmas in the crisp air. Sitting outside next to the flames under a tent, with holiday ambience and a customized menu made it extra awesome. We added nutella cannoli for a nice touch.

See the “Christmas Vacation Egg Nog” scene on YouTube here: “Its a honey of a tree clark”!

If you like egg nog, be sure to tap into this it of deliciousness!



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