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It’s TEA TIME on the East End!

KRONEN TEE The Green Coffee Infusion (pictured on left) is an excellent source when served hot or chilled at any special occasion. It gives guests that extra “perk” without the buzz or that an espresso coffee would give. The delicious product contains a blend of ground 100% Arabica green coffee and green …

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Cousin Eddy’s Egg Nog was a hit!

Add-up some Tito’s Vodka to your egg nog this year… It wasnt hard to figure out the recipe, a few drops of vodka and a cinnamon stick can go really far when searching for that perfect Christmas cocktail. I believe this was a knock-off from Christmas Vacation, the egg nog …

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Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

I bet you never had one of these? looks delish, right? What is a Japanese soufflé pancake? Did you know that soufflé pancakes are incredibly popular in Japan? Me neither! A Japanese pancake is a pillow fluffy cake, cooked perfectly using soufflé style techniques. Soufflé pancakes are fluffy, jiggly, sweet, …

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