SPAWIZ TV: Former “Real Housewife” whining over wine at Christie Brinkley’s Martini’s & Mutts fundraiser!

Jill Zaren. This woman is as annoying in person as she was as a former “Real Housewive of New York”… Her voice once called a “horn” by her former friend, Bethenny Frankel, was true to a “T”…While at the Pet Awards ceremony, a waiter accidentally bumped into her her husband and spilled some wine on his lower leg. OKay, OKay, there was some traffic in that area but everyone was trying to take pictures of Christy Brinkly by the step and repeat. NO one could care to hear Mrs. Zaren complaining and making the waiter feel so low. “you could have said you were sorry” she said to the gentleman who helped clean up the mess, who had nothing to do with the incident…Sorry but, I am a beauty editor and although her hair was a wreck, her dress and accessories meshed phenomenally over her great figure.. and that’s the only great thing I can say about that. I’m not an editor who always writes the positive out here in the Hamptons like everyone else does. I tell the truth. This woman needs to move on. No one cares Jill. You once asked Andy Cohen why you were fired, well I have to believe your attitude had something to do with it…You are SO completely rude and I was standing next to you the whole time so please don’t try to defend yourself. This Fundraiser is about about the pooches, not you. NO pics of you, only Christie because we love her! Now onward to writing about beauty…


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