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The Spa at Four Seasons Resort in Maui embraces its in-ocean weightless spa experience, Wai Vari®. As the autumn months approach and the Hamptons high-season dwindles down, most Hampton-ites either head into New York City or go on our well-deserved vacations! One thing that we all know about the Hamptons East-End, is that when it rains and when it is cold, there are three things to do: eat, drink or go to the spa! This concept applies during the offseason for traveling as well. After all, the Hamptons in the summer is all about living and working on vacation! As for myself, this Fall, I am in love with Maui and the authentic Water Therapy just discovered on the islands Four Seasons Resort!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Pat Makozak, Senior Spa Director at the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Maui, on a signature Water Therapy she has unveiled on this breathtakingly exotic spa destination. During Fall, the Humpback Whales will soon return to the resorts luxurious pacific surroundings with the soothing symphony of their echoing sounds. Being embraced by this amazing marine life, along with the healing elements of the ocean and ambience, this signature Water Therapy was necessary to be designed. Relieving physical discomfort and mental stress, Wai Vari® was customized for guests by a seasoned spa therapist of the five star property. Besides being offered in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Pat expressed what truly makes this Water Therapy so unique: “The Wai Vari® treatment was created by a member of our massage therapist team to capture the tranquility of floating in the ocean while experiencing the therapeutic and nurturing benefits of massage. This combination allows for both the mind and body to completely relax. ….the feeling is primordial, being embraced by the ocean and hearing the song of the whales. There is nothing quite like it.” said Makozak.

How Wai Vari® is performed: Guests are escorted to a lounge chair with towels, a wetsuit and other amenities which include a ginger tea to begin the signature experience. Massage Therapists treat guests in the warm waters of the Four Seasons Resort Maui with gentle stretching, relieving areas of pressure and discomfort. Clients in treatment will actually hear the whales singing underwater during this experience while floating weightlessly in the tranquil setting. Wai Vari® is a phenomenal therapy for anyone but is also offered as another option for pre-natal clients. So while it is available all year round, the added touch is during whale season, which is at its peak during November. This 25 minute service requires an extra 10-15 more minutes for resting. Price $135.

If you are heading to Hawaii this year, or planning for that milestone occasion, be sure to schedule “Maui time” and keep on the lookout for the Wai Vari® Water Therapy offered at the Four Seasons Resort!

Message from Laura Anne Pelliccio on Wai Vari®: Offering massage therapy components from the spa’s ‘aqua craniosacral’ massage, Wai Vari® may just qualify as a healing thalassotherapy, which are authentic treatments using elements from the ocean and sea life to improve and cure illness. Thalasso is sought out by spa-goers, scientists and some industry professionals to be among the best form of natural healing. The shift in the spa industry right now is the discovery of the healing benefits from ocean life and integrating them onto a spa menu of services for a different style of unique experience.

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

3900 Wailea Alanui Drive

Wailea, Maui

Hawaii 96753   Tel. +1 (808) 874-8000


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