Home Sweet Hamptons

When you live far away from “Home” (the place you grew up where all of your family and friends exist), it’s always so exciting to see loved ones, eat well, fit family time in with as many nieces and nephews, aunt & uncles, siblings and extended family, just to recharge and stay grounded… Especially when you live in the Hollywood-like Hamptons where so much “make believe” happens 24/7, especially in the summer! It’s a bittersweet feeling of having to leave a week of scheduled visits while squeezing in some pre-planned business, simply because I look forward to changing things up! …. but one thing I don’t miss is traveling through the city in a heat wave.. yuck! It is constant “swamp to ice box” everywhere you go between frozen cabs and humid subways…these types of travel days make me feel grateful to live in the Hamptons. I like to think of the Hamptons as my home-away-from-home.. it feels delicious to be back and have that weight lifted off my shoulders, smell the sea air and feel the ocean breezes while wearing my loose bright comfy clothing and not caring about who, what and where and why…. I feel so complete from visiting home, but all I can say is, “ahhhh, Home Sweet Hamptons!”


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