It’s A Wrap!

The Hamptons High season has come to a close as we reach the end of Indian Summer approaching early Autumn. The annual papparazzi-style media related parties and charitable functions such as magazine parties, Chefs & Champagne, SoFo Rocks and Martini’s & Mutts, sporting events such as the US Open in Sebonac and Polo, and of course the many fabulous occasions such as Harborfest, wine tasting in the North Fork Vineyards, attending some extravagant weddings and of course, friday afternoons at the Wolfer Estate…. I have seen everything I have dreamed of the Hamptons and more… I dont need to attend a flashy party to schmooze with a celebrity, chances are, theyre my neighbor, my client and my friend… the things that I love most are those really intimate gatherings at the most artistic looking estates–the ones that belong to real friends. The aloof person that I am at times, I just love my quiet time or what I like to call, “telescope time” over a wine spritzer…. and of course, the beach and spa! This summer was about growth and enjoying the things I love most and being comfortable in my surroundings. I look forward to the next chapter filled with the many luxuries and mysteries that life has to offer….


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