It’s TEA TIME on the East End!


The Green Coffee Infusion (pictured on left) is an excellent source when served hot or chilled at any special occasion. It gives guests that extra “perk” without the buzz or that an espresso coffee would give. The delicious product contains a blend of ground 100% Arabica green coffee and green tea leaves. All of the characteristics of green coffee and green tea merge in a unique and exceptional beverage that is PACKED IN ITALY and Premium quality since 1892.

KRONEN TEEa symbol of elegance and quality and famed by the social elite in Europe, is an aristocratic tea beverage developed as a tribute to the coin that was minted during the year of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  It’s no wonder our local Hamptonites enjoyed conversing over this at the grand opening gala at SpaUnique, a popular spa brand in Southampton that recently opened the doors to its charming location, where KRONEN TEE sponsored. The hand selected tea blends and infusions contain e rich, distinctive aromas separating from other brands. Each flavor is a delicious tea that can be enjoyed in a private, spa or group setting.

Biography: Over the course of its long history, this brand has undergone several changes. The name was changed temporarily to TE CORONA during the early twentieth century due to a ban on foreign businesses in Italy. The company maintained its prestige and was chosen as an official supplier in the most exclusive circles.

Still located in Trieste among the establishments that crowd the Corso, residents take their daily stroll among lingering memories of a legendary Italian tea that was enjoyed in beautiful rooms decorated with stucco and mirrors, making ladies and gentlemen dream

Visit their website for more information on this luxury brand of teas or to order:

Cheers from the Hamptons! ~WOS


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