Mercury Retrograde – a time to CHILLOUT and have fun?!

I am thrilled to announce that mercury retrograde is FINALLY over! So, what exactly is mercury retrograde and why do people flip out about it? Well, it’s a time when the planets shift and Saturn moves in the opposite direction, hence causing us earthlings to have issues with electronics such as emails missing, cell phones breaking, cars having engine problems and it’s suggested not to sign any contracts as it can lead to problems later on… Now, the reality is, when it’s time to make a decision you need to do it, but be cautious,… give yourself enough time to leave the house to get to your destination. This year, there are 3 Mercury Retrogrades each lasting about one month and all during the months of the water sign zodiacs (Pisces, Cancer-the-Crab & Scorpio) so there are loads of emotions running through you during these months. (water sign zodiacs are flooded with emotions)

The upside to Mercury Retrograde is that it’s a time to recharge, sort of like plugging in your iPhone to recharge its battery. Just reflect on your past. Send out messages , revisit opportunities, looks for jobs, approach prospective clients. You will see once the retro is over, things fall into place , opportunities arise, money is made, love is surrounding you. There is something about the New Moon after a Mercury Retrograde period that just makes us happy. SO, just chill out, relax and don’t do anything constructive.


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