Re-Launching Life’s Playbook

In light of a time of uncertainty, what better time to practice self care then now? The only industry licensed to touch people who are not licensed medical professionals, are healers working in spa. With COVID-19 unfolding before our eyes, many jobs at risk, businesses not operating, schools and events are cancelled, curfews in place, and the mandatory ‘stay 6 feet apart’ from others, I cant help to think about the forecast. Is this our new world we’re about to enter? And is there a big part of me that feels like it’s going to be better then before?

When the whole world is on a pause, there is no choice but to check-in with ourselves and applying self care will spearhead a positive domino effect.

When the whole world is on a pause, Let’s begin with Self Care…

During my 9/11 experience working as a provider in spa with a busy following, there was a very familiar point of not knowing what’s next sort of like right now with Coronavirus. But not too long into the future, my business boomed bigger then ever. At that time back in 2001, spa was truly only a luxury for the elite. Not much ongoing self care was in the thought process in spa, not unless you were rich, or lucky. If you were among those privileged to be pampered, maybe it was a weekly routine. That was the thought process. I mean, spray tanning didnt even exist and when it did, it was expensive! Vitamin C facials were the hot ticket, and I don’t remember many discounts or much competition. There was Elizabeth Arden, Bliss and Equinox and those spa’s ran New York City and for that matter, they ran the world too. We unknowingly were entering a new post 9/11 world, where luxuries were being put on hold. It took some time to rebuild, but during that time I found new hobbies of working out at different hours to meet new people, new and profitable service types were coming to fruition. I made new long time clients and friends too. Somehow, after about two months, business picked up and I mean bigtime. Gift cards were cranking, perks and incentives were put into place, packages were being purchased. Spa’s became an accessible part in the lives of thousands. Education was added and new modalities were being discovered, more jobs, next level products being packaged, high tech equipment being designed, finding scientifically proven ingredients to keep us young, and result-oriented services. Hospitality was just booming. So what happens now in this massive realization that our world is transitioning? Do we go through a pivot and then relaunch the game of life?

One thing I’ve learned in one fast-changing week is staying connected and remaining positive especially in a leadership role because everyone needs support and ultimately they need their leader. It’s been helpful to myself and those around me to communicate. In talking with my reporting staff individually and collecting information on worries, or just being supporting to anyone who wants to vent about cabin fever, I then connected with my peers and my own leadership, and together we created light healthy conversation and used the power of video Skype type technology as a different format of connecting. As a team we were able to steer our agenda because of a positive gameplan. We got to see everyone’s smile, make eachother laugh. We asked in advance to provide a tip on self-care, also bringing their kids and pets into the mix, was one form of connection that felt reassuring. In an effort to show our leadership skills, and remain positive during a time of uncertainty, using best practices to remain healthy and live well, is exactly what we can do to get ahead.

Practice Self Care at Home. Check-off your bucket lists.

Suggested best practice Self Care tips from spa professionals across the country:

  • Call your parents. Call your family.
  • Play music, dance, rest up.
  • Make someone smile. I bought a batch of daffodils which are seasonal spring flowers that were locally grown and the overworked cashier in Wholefoods commented how beautiful they were a number of times. I decided to have her ring me up another batch and told her picking flowers is a personal thing and to take her receipt and pick out her own daffodils. She was is bliss and called me her angel. It made my day to pay it forward and make someone smile.
  • Take your vitamins to boost your immunity
  • Take a lavender epson soak bath everyday, maybe more then once.
  • Bucket Lists. Cross off those checks lists of things you’ve been trying to do that you’re in control of now.
  • Connect with your friends you have been passing off due to being so busy during a busy time, such as working in a peak season.
  • Read a book. Write a book.
  • SPF. Sun is still shining and you need to still protect yourself from the sun. A little sunshine in quarantine doesn’t hurt. In fact Vitamin D adds support to immunity.If you’re in a warm weather community or not, protect yourself from the sun.
  • Clean out your emails, fix your website, start blogging again.
  • Water your plants, Repot them.
  • Collaborate on kids activities that are safe from harms way.
  • Do a cleanse. Change a habit. Be creative.
  • Watch Sex in the City reruns
The world is going through a cleanse, remaining positive is what carves our path…

I do not have life’s playbook, and there are definite moments of fear, worry, confusement, and concern we can all feel in the year of Coronavirus. The world will go through a cleanse, but remaining positive is what carves our path. Id love to go to sleep and wake up knowing this was a dream we shared, but it’s our reality. COVID-19 exists in this moment I type. My head sais everything will be OK. My heart knows everything is already OK. But my intuition is saying our next phase is going to be even bigger and better then before.

Our world is changing again, we need to create our forecast. Let’s start with self-care in the home

Keep positive, breathe, we got this!



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