Perfectly Pink House Plants

For the Pink lovers out there!

Who knew there are so many pink plants, with meaning and purpose? What an incredible way to beautify our environment. Below are a list of my favorite pink hues with variegated leaves and what they symbolize. I’m integrating some of these on my in-home green thumb journey to add a bit of sweet decor to my world. Some of these plants are pricey and tough to find, while others can be found in your local garden center.

This is one interior design project sure to turn heads, especially for the pink lovers out there!

Read on below on what each plant symbolizes. Which is your favorite?

A Caladium Hybrid ‘Spring Fling’ (Caladium Hybrid), are amazing foliage plants with vibrantly colorful leaves. Also known as the “Angel Wing”, “Heart of Jesus” and “Elephant Ear” plant, Caladium symbolizes friendship, making for a great gift of exchange among friends.  
A ‘Pink Princess’ Philodendron is a rare, eccentric “Bubble Gum colored” plant, resembling a palm tree. It’s variegated 9’5″ inch wide “rubbery-looking” leaves will form blocks of pink, making a gorgeous accent piece. This symbolizes a very unique, unpredictable, special someone, with a touch of zest, and maybe even a belly laugh too.
Tradescantia Tricolor thrives in a climate with fairly high humidity and makes for a thick, wildly growing bright pink hanging plant. It was said that a man who has been alive since Jesus’s crucifixion and must remain alive until the Messiah returns to Earth. Hence we also call this plan the ‘Wandering Jew‘.  This element of this myth points to the fact that this houseplant has a very optimistic nature and does indeed wander all over the place.   
The Oyster Plant just needs regular watering to keep its beautiful green, purple, white and pink leaves, which resemble a beautiful oyster. Oysters are rare and beautiful. It’s perfect for shelves, counter tops, and any flat surface in the home or office, sure to bring a smile on the face.
Pink Variegated ‘String Of Bleeding Hearts’ (Flower and Succulent Plant) makes for a great wedding or anniversary gift and symbolizes deep emotions, compassion and love for someone.
Also certified by NASA as a purifying air-filtering plant producing clean air for a healthier home.
Click to See Article on NASA Certified Plants
The bright and beautiful beautiful Calathea Triostar symbolizes New Beginnings! The English saying “to turn over a new leaf” originates from the Calathea plant since its leaves close at night and re-open in the morning, for a fresh start! Makes for a wonderful housewarming gift, for indoor or outdoor gardening, and generates positive Chi for those who love Feng Shui!

So do you love the look of pink plants now?



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