“RE-ENERGIZE” this Wellness Wednesday: your midweek reminder to CHILLOUT!

  This weeks topic is to RE-ENERGIZE!

See some suggested ways to boost your energy, even when you think it isn’t possible!

The week following any Spa Soirée is always exhausting for myself as the co-planner of this mixer hosted for seasoned industry pro’s to connect. But the aftermath of a fabulous networking event that had months of tireless energy put into, still has work to get done. Each Spa Soirée is held on a Wednesday, in celebration of, Wellness Wednesday! This is your ‘Midweek reminder to Take a break and Unwind’…in other words, to CHILL OUT. Even for ten minutes, just STOP, clear your thoughts and regroup.

DRINK WATER: Some days can feel like a drag but it could be because you are not hydrated. Drinking a tall glass of purified water will re-energize your brain, feed and nourish your body

EAT AN ORANGE: Oranges or any citrus fruit contains vitamins and antioxidants that instantly create a spark of wake me up!

POSITIVE QUOTES: Reading positive quotes makes you feel motivated and happy.  Keeping a booklet near you, will instantly lift your mood.  You can obtain off positive quotes Pinterest or Google. Personally, I like to listen to Joel Olsteen for some encouraging words!

BRIGHT COLORS: Just the photo above of all the citrus fruits combined together boosts a little energy. Something about bright colors or what we “spa people” know as “color therapy” just adds more positivity to any situation.

SMILE: Nobody can make you frown unless you choose to. Smiling increases awareness and changes in mood. Its healthy to smile. Just smile!

INTERNET OFF: Just turn it off. Wether its for an hour. or for ten minutes. I find that turning just my email buttong off on my phone is helpful, especially when I have important things to get done other then answering emails.

Soothing regards from The Hamptons




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