Oysters, Prosecco, Brunch, & Shelter Island… my 4 favorite things!

What a great morning by myself with my spa breakfast from the Bagel Buoy, sitting by the yachts on the Waterfront Marina in Sag Harbor. Village spa venues nestled behind me are Happy Feet, Sean Edison Salon, Scarlett Rose Aveda Spa, the new LURK storefront and of course Salon Xavier. I couldn’t help noticing while taking in the sea-air, were the many businessmen around me on their cell phones catching up with the office or a quick meeting before winding down. I heard a conversation in preparation for a new local nightlife and resteraunt venue opening as well as several discussions mentioning working from their “Hamptons” office. It make me appreciate even more why I love being here all year round! I even heard a man on the phone going over the balance of his fatherly duties in his soon-to-be single life, with what sounded like his soon-to-be ex wife. The two yacht owners in front of me, discussing the newest ideas and for Gurneys Seawater Grille in Montauk, with a few choice words and familiar names mentioned. I could not help over listening when I wasn’t in my own meditation mode. We all shared something in common. You see, it was about a spa breakfast with veggie and fruit ingredients and it wasn’t about facials and massages. It was about how we all chose the same tranquil environment to deal with our everyday agenda. The water puts us in a more tranquil state of mind. For years, my office has been an oceanfront view and that’s what keeps all the weight off of things!

Soothing Regards from the Hamptons



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