How spa’s are taking smart measure with COVID-19

Flying back to Miami from Westchester County New York last week, where I witnessed the outbreak of schools closing, followed by cancelling of proms, sporting events, SAT’s, department stores and NYC marathon to name a few, was a scene from a scary movie. Watching disappointment on my neice and nephews faces of not being able to attend college orientation or a birthday party, makes me feel helpless. I spoke to a young lady on the plane who had her own ziploc bag of Lysol infused wet papertowels to wipe down her seat because sanitizer is out of stock. Seeing airline passengers in full head-to-toe scrubs and face masks and sterilizing my own seat, after spending time rearranging my flight schedule due to forecasted cancellation and upgrading my seat to First Class with hopes no one would be next to me, was my own added fear.

Miami is eerily quiet in it’s peak season, something I have never witnessed even during a category 5 hurricane. Spa service cancellations are rising, with travelers pulling back and local regulars taking a pause. Restaurants and annual events such as Miami Ultra Fest, and the Miami Annual Fair have cancelled.

Grocery stores are bone dry and cabin fever is rising, curfews in place, with families remaining home, aloof, and out of harms way,

I still do not understand the toilet paper scenario.

Now that I’ve added to everyone’s scarcity, I have some light to shed within the spa service industry...

These are my own personal experiences in the last 7 days during the COVID-19 outbreak.

With this unfortunate unfolding of Coronavirus in our country, Spa leaders across the U.S. are coming together to share updates on proper sanitary and safety precautions for both staff and clients. There is no better time to put your health first and no better place to be. Many spa’s are taking extra steps to make a more comfortable experience. Spa’s are allowing more time for turnover and social space, many with temporarily limitations in hours of operation. Steam rooms and saunas also being shut down and treatment rooms are being extra disinfected before, during and after services. Estheticians wearing face masks and gloves and changing out frequently.

In talking with my mastermind group of spa leadership, spa’s on Miami Beach are making a strong conscious in working together collectively to keep business open and safe for visitors. One thing I will share since my inception working with Equinox back in 1999, there is no other facility more clean that I trust more then this company (and I mean that with the utmost confidence). Equinox has upped their game even more to ensure the member experience is flawless. With increased disinfecting throughout the day, more accessibility to liquid Purell and sanitizing wipes, and in constant contact with public health agencies to incorporate any new advisories into existing operations.

Below is a list of Spa and Treatment Room actions in effect and to be mindful of:

  • Keep wipes, sanitizer and disinfectant spray visible.
  • Wipe face cradles on massage tables more often, before and after every service using disinfectant such as Cavi Wipes or Virex II 256.
  • Wipe tables, doorknobs and faucets before/after services.
  • Use gloves when removing cradle covers and linens.
  • Use gloves and wear mask in treatment.
  • Change out gloves in front of client more frequently
  • Use bottles water after services as opposed to dispensers
  • No handing out unsealed samples of product
  • No offering of aromatherapy wet towels in lounge spaces

The corona virus is a real thing and it’s effecting the entire country. Let’s not let fear get in the way. Be extra cautious. We will prevail and move forward. This too shall pass.



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