Spa Outfits for the Spa Leader.

No matter how hard we try, we roll up our sleeves and take part in the necessary needs for spa upkeep, which is more often then not, loads of hands-on work.

Climbing, lifting, moving around between depts and locations, pulling apart equipment, throwing away unnecessary things, opening boxes, unraveling wires, bending, rushing, perspiring, and all against the clock. Its all about getting it done. You can delegate, but many times, it needs that perfectionist touch. Only a Spa operations leader would really understand the demanding needs of this business. Its not all that glamorous, except maybe that 1 office day per week.

I noticed going into 2021, I never needed a mani/pedi so badly among my hair done, and, after 10 months of grooming my own nails and leaving too much time between hair appts, I saw me putting everything first but myself. I was losing my outer soul and not looking the part, at least for my field. I felt most days more like a cross between a lion tamer, a babysitter and a construction foreman all wrapped up into one!

I stand by my motto when it comes to a manicure, “it’s either on or its off, there is no inbetween”, I overheard this from shoe sales person from @Nordstrom (a very fun, flamboyant and outgoing professional who was dressed sharp from head-to-toe!), I never could agree more with a total stranger in all my life and I use this saying all of the time. I cant believe I was letting myself go, and right into a New Year. Its amazing what wonders a simple mani/pedi can do, so therapeutic for the inner and outer soul!

One of the most important things I was noticing, was my wardrobe. For the life of me, at work and home I have mixed and matched the color black all summer and Im so sick of it. Some days needs to be sneakers and others I feel like its whatever I am comfortable in, I rarely got dressed up, never felt up to it. It’s possible to get back on track and begin to invest in clothes that can be mixed n matched, I am all about that!

Ive found that preplanning my days well in advance to what I am wearing and can mix during the week based on my mood! Keeping a second comfortable workout type outfit in the office is always good because you never know if you might need to change into something more comfy. @Lululemon jogger pants has always been my go-to!

If you are a spa operations leader representing beauty, wellness, even if no one understands how much housekeeping you do and the bruises on your body that accumulate. Can we be comfy AND look great? of course! Here are my looks Ive been tapping into, that can be cozy and sharp while playing the part. My most important suggestion is to find the material that fits your body best. Styles in this year are high neck, ribbed outfits, and lots of solid prints. I love faux and viscose/elastane, cotton, linen, ponte, and of course a little spandex polyester:

  1. Jumpsuits in Faux material are light, airy and make you look 10 pounds lighter.
  2. A Tweed jacket with a high color always look great with any black, white or solid print outfit
  3. Long or short sleeve midi semi fitted dress can be dressed sporty with a same color sweater wrapped around waist, or professional with a nice blazer or ribbed sweater in solid color, otherwise worn alone with, say a rose gold colored watch and necklace for a work event or happy hours. Simple and clean!
  4. Shoes with rubber soles that look good but keep you from slipping but also comfy.

Solid colors are a easy outlet that wont break the bank, can be dressed up or down, and easy!

Checkout more on my “People and Fashion” Pinterest Boards !

Happy Shopping and a Healthy 2021!



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