Spa Soirée, at Ritz-Carlton Westchester!

Let’s face it! We all really get to know each other on a more intimate level when cocktails and food are involved, no? I am 75% Italian decent and a quarter German and one thing I can tell you is… food, cocktails and entertainment surely is the ultimate ice breaker!

Spa Directors want to generate more business, Sales Executives want to meet potential buyers, Local VIP’s want to break into the spa industry or just find a new place to indulge, Lead Spa Therapists and Beauty Schools may want to explore new opportunities and so on…. Spa Soiree is the exclusive networking mixer of our time–but jump on board quick when you get the invitation before the guest lists closes out.

Based on a Hamptons party platform where it originated, we strive to RSVP a mixed blend of seasoned industry professionals with a splash of entertainment, so it makes sense for all sponsoring guests who are serious about business, while making it a comfortable environment to network. Sit back and let Laura & Jessica coordinate the ultimate cocktail party networking event… NO booths, NO treatments, it is just “BOOZE & BUSINESS CARDS” at BLT Restaurant on February 19, 2014 at Ritz-Carlton in White Plains, NY with guests from Fairfield County Connecticut, Westchester County New York, NYC, Riverdale (Bronx) for more info

Co-Founders of Spa Soirée – Jessica Mackin & Laura Anne Pelliccio

Spa Directors – Trump Hotel & Spa’s & Bliss Spa’s / CEO of spa uniform company, Yeah Baby

Spa Management team from Gurneys Resort & Spa, Montauk NY


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