Stay Fabulous….Because I’m Back!

Excited it’s Memorial Weekend and happy to share my blog is back up! This weekend traditionally I love to share new summer launch posts but this year, I am here to reintroduce my blog and (I had a Carry Bradshaw moment and thought my blog was gone forever…). Once I relocated to Miami, I had gone through transitioning in my career and in life and put a pause my personal digital world. One day I tried to log on and learned it was gone, but knew that I’d find a way to get this site back (long, intense story short). This site covers so many experiences and hosts a wealth of information, it will take sometime and input to reorganize, but I’ll never slip again on my followers! Wizard Of Spa is so sentimental to me. Have a fabulous day, remember the fabulous soldiers who risked their lives for your fabulous life…. and remember to always back your $—t up!



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