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Welcome to Summer in the Hamptons & Montauk THE END

Welcome! Welcome! Summer has arrived once again and we have much to discuss! The newest boutiques and most historical shops have been preparing their décor and window merchandising for your  shopping experience while our beaches have been tailored by mother nature for hours of vitamin D absorption. Let’s not forget the …

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The Ocean Thalasso ~ Healing Spa Experience

When we talk about luxe travel, the quintessential experience always ends in the spa. Whether guests are seeking a quick escape, a new spa therapy, or a romantic occasion, most guests have spa services on their agenda. True spa-goers are usually those who can afford the luxury of consistent alternative …

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Keep your eyes peeled for Spa Soirée !

Let the champagne start flowing and the networking to begin! Laura and Jess have tremendous fun in store for the spa community this year, which of course includes press, and VIP spa-goers! The Soiree continues with even more excitement, more great content, more big surprises …and lots more entertainment. Stay up-to-date …

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