#WellnessWednesday raises eyebrows amongst the global network

” #WellnessWednesday is a midweek reminder to stop, take a break and unwind …What advice will you promote on #WellnessWednesday ? “ Encouraging the public to tweet photo’s during the ever-so-popular Spa Soiree networking cocktail parties (www.Spa-Soiree.com) through the advertisements on the The Spa Soiree Times or on the digital display projecting throughout the evening, …

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The BEST & WORST Manicures in New York.

The Louboutinicure… that’s what I call it! I’ve visited just about every major nail salon in the state of New York and have become a sucker for getting my nails done. From managing the Ocean View salon at Gurneys Inn in Montauk NY, where manicures and pedicures are a year …

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