The 90 Day Spa Water Challenge hits the Hamptons!

Have you ever visited a spa or resort that has beautiful displays of ice water mixed with various fruits? I always seem to notice when guests keep coming back for more. Maybe it’s because it tastes so good, or it’s refreshing or it’s just so pretty and we know it’s healthy for us. I found, Spa Water™, a spa business that emphasizes on one main goal through many services derived around water: “Inspiring America to Establish a Healthy Hydration Ritual – one sip at a time…” Water can be so boring to drink by itself, which is why Spa Water has a recipe book of the most gorgeous and easy-to-make spa water displays both by the jar and the glass…

I personally entered the 90 day Spa Water™ challenge over memorial weekend for the second time this year. I made a commitment myself to 75oz of Spa Water™ per day for 90 days. I have not given up on wine, cocktails and coffee however, I feel so hydrated that I consume less of those beverages and more water. I am relieved of body aches and pains, no more headaches and I completely understand the feeling of being “hydrated”. It was not until my body was filled with water that I knew I had not been drinking enough. We on the east end are taking advantage of this and are so excited to share how great we feel! Start anytime, just drink water!

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