The BEST & WORST Manicures in New York.

The Louboutinicure… that’s what I call it! I’ve visited just about every major nail salon in the state of New York and have become a sucker for getting my nails done. From managing the Ocean View salon at Gurneys Inn in Montauk NY, where manicures and pedicures are a year round busy spa treatment for the hand and feet, to working with ME! Bath handling sales and education for the manicurists in resort spas on the east coast and Caribbean. ME!Bath is a unique manicure and pedicure treatment brand that develops cookbooks of mani & pedi services to efficiently integrate your spa’s concept into an experience (and a profitable experience too when performed correctly).

I can stare at a wall of Essie nail polishes and tell you every single name of every single color without having to double check the bottom. I can tell you which polish brands chip the easiest, which vegan polishes are a load of crap and who the most cost effective suppliers are. You could disagree but, we all know how difficult it is to get your products into a New York salon and spa, no?

It comes down to education. Manicurists are the least educated out of the broad spectrum of licensed professionals-ehhhhem, that is, if they are licensed. Nail grooming are now becoming as important as putting gasoline in your car each week. With higher expectations, I see lots of changes unfolding and more lucrative businesses being put into place with an upgrade in just about everything, including in price. Friends who teach in New York City’s popular cosmetology establishments say that young students are passing on hair styling licensing and heading for that licensure as a Nail Technician.

One thing I can vouch for are the best manicurists by far, are those that fulfill the many salons from Westhampton to Montauk. With basic pedicures that begin anywhere from $40-$60.00 and manicures that average $16-$25.00, you better believe there are the best quality products and seasoned professionals in town. All year round, but especially in the summer months, every nail salon is booked all day long. The expectations are very high. The men and women who come to visit the Hamptons, want the services that “their nail girl” provides back home in Greenwich, Manhattan or Westchester. While the affluent communities still have some of the most disgusting and dirtiest nail salons, there are still many areas like Greenwich Ave, 57Th & Park and select locations in White Plains, NY, that offer a pretty storefront and somewhat of an experience while getting your nails done. I have had a manicure or pedicure at every nail spa and just about every nail technician in the Hamptons and can vouch for the quality of service these talented professionals offer. They all offer a spa experience, whether a beautiful interior or not, it’s about the technician being better then the last one you went to. Competition. A small community like the Hamptons has the ability to bring people within each town and business together in many ways. I know who the top manicurists are. I know who has the most clients. You have to be very entrepreneurial to live here so naturally, building a solid clientele is like a step towards being number 1 in the this trade. Technicians here learn and improvise on their skills from each other but they are all hungry for clients like I have never seen —after all, what else is there to do in the winter months, yes?

The $20 mani/pedi combo is fading fast! The gel manicure has certainly helped boost the changes in quality nail salon services. But the ladies out on the East End are still working their magic. As for the worst manicurists in the state of New York, if I had the ability to shut down any nail salons, I would go after the town of Nanuet–I’ve been to North of 20 salons and have yet to find one that offers a decent job. I speak the truth from experience friends.

Soothing regards from the Hamptons


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