The DL on Manhattan’s spring Spa Soirée

spa friends in semi-formal attire came together for a great photo

Spa Industry Titans Get Down To Booze and Business in New York City…………………………………….

‘Spa Industry Titans Get Down To Booze and Business in New York City’

Well, I received over three dozen texts and emails congratulating my partner and myself on another great spa bash, so while the rooftop began to close as the misty rain powdered in, spa industry titans got down to booze and business!

Seasoned spa pro’s joined us from the Trump International, Trump SoHo, Hilton Hotels and Red Door Spa’s to name a few. Brands such as Hampton Sun and Sothy’s were mingling among major press from the New York Times, New Beauty Magazine, HBO and various bloggers. Miami palm trees were spread around the uber-trendy rooftop venue on the lower east side called, THE DL, along with island spa amenities by Pure Fiji, while DJ Lil Rye played SPABEATS from islands all over the world (so we can all feel tropical in New York City of course!). The bar offered fixed red and white wine selections along with chicken lollipops, spring rolls and various spa-inspired delicious treats. Our sponsor, SOTHYS did a number in our bathroom with toiletries and bulk washes for guests to use and to take home too! As usual there was an over-the-top silent spa auction with wellness memberships, spa gift certificates, spa retreats in the Bahamas, Boston and Mexico as well as a Hot Air Balloon ride,  loads of dinner reservations and so much more!  Gift bags on the way out that had a copy of The Spa Soiree Times( ) as well as gifts from Vemma, Aromatherapy Associates and SOTHYS.

Overall it was a success. For myself, I wasn’t truly satisfied. This mixer was truly the most cumbersome of all to manage, keeping me from being with guests I wanted to really connect with. But the greatest advice I received was to just keep doing the Spa Soirée !  It’s as if every Spa Soiree since last spring has had major hiccups from the backend that no one ever seems to see as long as I keep my composure (yikes!) but this one really topped it all. Eventually, I hope to really be the hostess with the mostess but for now, it’s still a learning curve put together by a perfectionist at heart.

Here is the DL: Planning this mixer is not easy. It is a meticulous guest list that needs to make sense. There is a specific ratio of spa executives, to major press, to only a handful of sales account executives, to VIP spa-goers who actually spend money in spas,  all put together in one room with nametags, hors de ours and a wine glass. So while it’s supposed to be a great way to reconnect or make new friends, It is not for everyone. This is not a trade show or an exhibit. It’s very fast paced because it’s only three hours long with people coming in and out all night and everyone wants to be able to meet eachother…all at once. Most of the executives who attend all know each other and some don’t want to be bombarded by sales representatives, so keeping the sales guests limited is key to avoiding too many of my worst critics above all. When over 50% of the guests are owners or directors of spas, it’s up to the hustlers to mingle. This is an invitation-only mixer where, if you aren’t shy ( it would behoove you to not be shy ) the right people are there to talk to, but you have to be willing to find them. and believe me when I say, relationships and sales have been made!

“It’s just booze and business cards” everyone! See you in June in the Hamptons and view our full 2014 calendar by visiting



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