Thalassotherapy ~ A Healing Spa Experience from the Ocean

When we talk about luxe travel, the quintessential experience always ends in the spa. Whether guests are seeking a quick escape, a new spa therapy, or a romantic occasion, most guests have spa services on their agenda. True spa-goers are usually those who can afford the luxury of consistent alternative wellness. They sought out to find specific spas with unique concepts. These include full service amenities, custom designed spa retreats and spa cuisine. As for vacationers, business people and those looking for total wellness, it’s the ultimate luxury to visit a unique destination spa.

Different parts of the world offer treatments native to their location and usually beneficial to the wellbeing of each guest. The unfolding trend right now in the United States goes back to the early days of Roman bathing in thalasso spas and thermal bathhouses. Thalasso, which means “sea” is the use of ocean and seawater as a form of therapy. Elements from the ocean, such as seaweed, is combined in water therapies to heal, protect and proven to cure illnesses. Seaweed kelp is also used in various skin and body thalassotherapies as an excellent source of minerals and its anti-aging properties. Industry leaders are quickly catching on to the health benefits of thalassotherapies offering shower amenities for hotel rooms and spa pavilions as well as the expansion of thalasso treatments on the menu of services. An invigorating experience is a hot and cold thermal plunge or detoxing bath therapies combined with custom thalasso seawater treatments. It’s the reason many spa-goers have so much interest in this concept of spa’s. Imagine relaxing in a cold arctic steam room that snows or floating in a freezing Jacuzzi after coming out of a super-hot roman bath. This is excellent for muscle recovery and mental revitalization. The only authentic thalasso center in the United States with customized seaweed and ocean therapies, is Gurney’s Seawater Spa, located in Montauk, New York. Visitors from around the globe look for combinations of wellness and detox therapies as well as organic spa cuisine, designed around promoting good health. Make your next spa experience a thalassso!


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