Wednesdays are for Wellness

It’s okay to put your bikini on and meditate. It’s midweek and what does one do on a Wednesday when our bulk vacationers have fled from their extended stay and left town but its too early to be back for the weekend? The Hamptons is the home of genius fitness instructors who use our peaceful beach surroundings as a way to promote ultimate relaxation and tension release. I can just feel all the weight lifting off my shoulders the further east I drive on Rte 27. It’s something about being near the ocean and good old mother nature! With so many local venues and styles of therapies to practice, try making a pit stop to a Core Fusion class at Exhale in Bridgehampton. This will certainly get our mind set for a heavy work day. There are plenty of Exhale Spa’s to go around, so while we are here in the Hamptons, you can visit Exhale in New York, Florida, California, the Caribbean, the list goes on. We can all meditate together and meet in the Hamptons on the weekend! So stop and smell the roses. Practicing any form of wellness whether its mid-week or mid-day, will surely give a boost in energy and soften those thoughts to clearing the mind.

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