#WellnessWednesday raises eyebrows amongst the global network

” #WellnessWednesday is a midweek reminder to stop, take a break and unwind …What advice will you promote on #WellnessWednesday ? “

Encouraging the public to tweet photo’s during the ever-so-popular Spa Soiree networking cocktail parties (www.Spa-Soiree.com) through the advertisements on the The Spa Soiree Times or on the digital display projecting throughout the evening, will portray the overall message made from the industry’s best and the curious.

It was as necessary to develop this concept as it was for the reason “take your daughter (child) to work day” was executed as an annual privilege for kids to get a day off school to focus on an experience that is vital to their future. As someone who loves to stay connected within the spa & hospitality business, I knew once I figured out how Twitter worked only a year ago, that I would come up with a creative message that will really grasp the attention amongst the industry’s most well-known spa, wellness, retail and hospitality businesses foremost, followed by spreading the message to everyone. Whether you are working 15 hours a day, weekends and holidays in a high volume spa destination, or on a demanding corporate schedule, or any life-cumbersome routine in-between that consumes TIME, we all need to stop, take a break and unwind.

Spa’s and hotels print their promotions around #WellnessWednesday and display them on the front desk while their marketing managers blast it on all social networks and include me too! The Four Seasons Langkawi, located in Southeast Asia sends several messages on their spa and wellness happenings as well as advice on wellness. It’s intriguing to hear how other parfts of the word rely on wellness as an all-day ritual. I love hearing from Reviv, a unique yet controversial medi-spa inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as well as in Miami who blasts excellent promotions derived around Wellness Wednesday since the spa’s inception and is now one of the most wanted spa’s to visit on the Las Vegas Strip. My own suggested promotion lured me in to this spa and the entire cast from Everyone Loves Raymond was in the lounge getting ready for some type of Oxygen therapy! The Loews Hotels enjoys tweeting weekly to @WizardOfSpa,  suggested hotel properties to visit, such as during Cherry Blossom season in D.C., guests can take a tranquil scenic stroll around the Nations Capitol—if guests schedule their stay through the #WellnessWednesday link provided to @WizardOfSpa, a discount will take place. Some spa’s even ask my opinion if their #WellnessWednesday promotion looks good or if it seems profitable! As I type this on a Tuesday at 3pm, bulk tweet messages offering tips and advice for tomorrow are coming through from all over the world!

What sets this aside from everyone else who uses a hashtag to define their service, is that it is meant to be a broad brand used both on and off the internet, as a way to promote your message to the community, be it a blog tip on therapeutic ways to unwind, or guests wanting to visit a specific spa or hotel for a recommended service, or to find out what the best products are from a specific beauty line. It was designed around my brand name, @WizardOfSpa which is also the name of my newspaper column in the Hamptons, as well as it to define my overall commitment as a seasoned industry professional. I have always been serious about learning and excelling in every aspect of the spa business from marketing, to treatment services to education, to management and operations, administration and even the technical side. I strongly believe that the building of my Wizard of Spa brand is the platform to the success of Wellness Wednesday. I want everyone to apply this as a routine reminder to their overall health and well-being…and for their future.

My social networks are maintained organically and my followers are drawn to my messages.  Each week @WizardOfSpa receives an abundance of blogs, tips, advice and treatment recommendations from landmarks such as the Canyon Ranch, who recently suggested to focus on breathing and meditation….and from the Red Door Spa’s who suggests one of their signature facials in their amazing new Union Square location, or from Lush Cosmetics who suggest their authentic massage spa bars: “It’s got relaxing lavender and uplifting neroli; You’ll be calm and blissed out! Once @WizardOfSpa retweets this, everyone gets more followers, more press, more connections…everyone is happy.

After managing and consulting some of the busiest spa properties in some of the most affluent communities in the world, I can vouch for falling into a trap of not setting aside time to breathe. I developed Wellness Wednesday for people like myself and the associates I have managed and known through time, who choose hard work over play but need to manage work and play at the same time. This is the case for all industries to take advantage of. For 10 minutes, take a moment and stop, a deep breathe, meditate, just don’t think…It is a as simple as that to as extraordinary as a Gentle Yoga class at an Equinox or a 20 minute nap in the YeloSpa!

Be sure to tweet @WizardOfSpa on #WellnessWednesday !




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